Automate your geodata backend

What is georepo?

georepo hosts your spatial datasets on private workspaces. It supports you with storing your vector data in a central location, publishing web services and updating your layers collaboratively or automatically.

We simplify your geodata workflows!

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Publish your vector data as OGC Web Feature Services and Web Map Services

Access your data from anywhere

Keep your data portfolio private


Update datasets via API

Connect data feeds for automatic near-realtime bulk updates

Update datasets collaboratively from mobile or desktop


Integrate your layers into your preferred OGC-compliant GIS client

Embed layers into web maps

Gain insights by overlaying your data with external layers

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Free setup included Yes
Workspaces* 1
Hosted vector layers Up to 10
Admin users** 1
Additional contributors per workspace*** Up to 4
Supported feature types Point
Supported import file types CSV (with latitude and longitude coordinates)
Supported Coordinate Reference System (CRS) EPSG:4326 (WGS84)****
GeoServer/ PostGIS backend Yes
Web Feature Service (WFS) Yes (transactional is configurable)
Web Map Service (WMS) Yes
API access Yes
Access protection Yes, Password and API-Key
API exchange format JSON, GeoJSON
Bulk update for layers***** Yes, import CSV automatically, e.g. with cronjob
Data export formats GeoJSON, WFS, WMS, CSV, Shapefile, GML
Load layers into GIS clients Yes, as WFS, WMS or GeoJSON FeatureCollection
Embed map into website Yes
User interface for collaborative layer updates and reviews Yes


Customized according to your needs, talk to us about your requirements!

Discuss with us to get a discount for your non-profit open data or hobbyist project that addresses societal or environmental challenges.

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* A workspace holds different layers with read or write permissions for each user.
** Admin users can review data changes reported by users
*** Contributors can suggest data updates (create, update, delete features)
**** Refers to data import and storage. Layers can be retrieved from WFS or WMS in various CRS.
***** Bulk updates are complete overwrites of a layer with new data and can be automated.


Can I import polygon or polyline layers into georepo?

Unfortunately, only point layers are currently supported by the import functionality. Let us know, if this is a requirement for you.

Can I access my layers as OGC web services?

Yes, your data layers are available as WFS and WMS services.

We want to build a mapping platform for our users managing their data content. Is that something we can achieve using georepo?

Yes, that's a perfectly valid use case that georepo can support. You can add additional users to your subscription, so they can sign up to your workspace. Just check the restrictions, e.g. you currently can allow your users to modify point-based data only. Best would be if you get in touch so we can make sure you will get the setup you have in mind.

My organization already uses GIS clients from provider X. Is it possible to integrate georepo hosted datasets into our existing GIS infrastructure?

Yes. georepo is intended for cross-platform usage and low data exchange barriers. Using the georepo API you can access your datasets as OGC-compliant Web Feature Services, Web Map Services or GeoJSON FeatureCollections from your GIS clients. Apart from that, you can also always download your current datasets e.g. in Shapefile format.

Can I test georepo with my data layers before deciding for a subscription?

Yes, you can use georepo 30 days for free. Only if you like to continue using georepo, we'll charge you for your subscription.

How long is your subscription period?

A subscription period lasts one year.

How can I pay?

We will invoice you with the subscription fee annually after the subscription started. You can pay by bank transfer or paypal.

What is your cancellation policy?

We regret if you don't want to continue using georepo. But we don't want to make it hard for you if you need to leave. Just let us know by email before your next yearly subscription starts, that we shouldn't invoice you further. We'd be happy though, if you send us a hint, what the reason for your cancellation is.

I have problems getting started. What should I do?

Please get in touch and we'll help you to get up and running.

I have further questions regarding my use case. Can you support me?

Yes, sure. We'd be happy to check your use case and find a solution for your individual project.


If you want to talk about your project or need further information just send an email to