georepo is a neat and simple-to-use backend for easily having location-based data privately accessible as WFS services.

The exposed backend can be used for publication, viewing and integration of geodata. Whether you need your geodata available to query and evaluate it within a GIS, show it on maps to customers or on conferences without carrying gigabytes of data with you or to integrate your geodata into a website or application. Just set up your layers in seconds and take care of your use case.

In our beta release it will be possible to use all read-only operations, including querying and client-side styling, integrating geodata into GIS or web maps. You may take advantage of our API which is based on the geoserver API, so there is a bunch of known API methods to utilize in your application. Everything comes with the flavour of your private workspace, SSL-encrypted data transfer and password secured endpoints, a feature you don't easily encounter in a self-hosted geodata server. All in all, georepo saves you time setting up and organizing your geodata professionally and lets you care about your domain questions, rather than geodata management.

When growing more mature and advancing use cases require it, we will provide additional features like transaction support, more diverse data types to upload, an advanced data search and management interface and the like. It's up to you, which features are desired most, so be invited to participate.

And what's not:

  • georepo is not a GIS, nor does it provide geodata-processing or analyzing capabilities
  • georepo is not and does not include a geodata viewer or other client applications
  • georepo is not a tool for visualization