You like to organize your geodata with your georepo? Here is, how it works:

We are initially looking for a few customers with interesting use cases, wanting to privately access their geo-datasets as WFS endpoints with our beta release. If this is for you, we ask you to give us a short summary of your use case and application. This helps us to decide whether it is related to the aims of georepo, keep a focus for the development and will make you feel taken care of better.

We especially like use cases that go beyond simple display of locations. If you intend to interpolate geologic features from borehole data, have your data available in a mobile web application or monitor your remote sensors state, we fit together.

  1. Before requesting a georepo account, make sure, you read our terms and conditions
  2. Send us an email to briefly explaining your use case and we will contact you at least two weeks before beta release. If we think, your use case is interesting for the georepo development, we will provide you with a monthly plan offer. Once the beta is released, you will receive an account for your georepo access.
  3. You may then start uploading data and accessing it using your WFS immediately.
  4. If you don't like georepo, we will provide you with a one month money-back guarantee without discussion. Of course, in this case we are keen to know, why you want to resign.
  5. Enjoy your georepo-powered maps, GIS and web application with organized data.